FIAT - Synchronized Drifting

FIAT - 2016 Olympics

Every four years, the Olympics brings the world together. In 2016, Fiat wanted their 124 Spider to be part of the festivities, so we came up with two fun and unique approaches. First, we paid tribute to two Olympic sports with a pair of world-class drift drivers. We replaced racing suits with swimsuits for some synchronized drifting and our golf video was a hole in one.

Secondly, we partnered with renowned graffiti artist Chris Dunlop to transform the blank canvas of a Spider into a tribute to all 205 participating nations. After three days of nonstop drawing, the result was one fully covered car and enough content to show support for each and every one of the countries. In fact, anyone who tagged their favorite nation received a cutdown film highlighting that country. Despite a tight budget and a compressed timeline, these projects garnered 20x more views and 17x more engagement that Fiat’s average post.

FIAT - Nations of the World

FIAT - Hole in One