Winch It  :60

RAM Trucks - Winch It

RAM Trucks needed help launching their most capable truck—the 2017 Power Wagon—on social. But rather than go with a traditional (and expected) marketing approach, we chose a different route. We focused on just one of the Power Wagon’s many features, the 12,000-lb winch, and created the most hilarious and infectious product demo ever.

The result is the Winch It Brothers, and their “self-made” campaign to solve all of life’s problems with their Power Wagon’s winch. In addition to the main film and multiple social-friendly bonus versions, we also extended the story further by creating a working toll free number, which was featured at the end of every video. Upon dialing, truck fans were met with the longest phone tree ever created, and rewarded with free Winch It! Brothers limited edition swag.

The videos were the most successful non-reveal videos in Ram’s facebook history. Even better, Ram beat their sales goals in the two months of the campaign.

Winch It - Too Lazy? :15

Winch It - Tacky Neighbors? :15

Winch It - Hate Tomatoes? :30

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